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An effective and simple program that shows teachers how to teach better and help students grow.


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What does the program do?

The program provides ICT training for teachers – helping teachers to use technology effectively in their teaching and learning. This involves a series of in-person workshops, followed up by online coaching and learning, as well as an on the ground team who provide support in the schools.

How is it affecting students?

The effective use of technology in education is critical for our development as a country. Not only does technology make education much more effective, efficient and fun when used well – but many of the jobs currently available, and most that will be emerging in the future, depend on digital skills. By helping teachers to grow in their own digital confidence and competence, and use their skills in class, we can gradually raise up a population with a solid digital literacy.

What you'll learn to teach

In addition to the in-person workshops, these online courses will help you consolidate what you have learnt, practice it online on and complete the assessments are necessary for you to obtain a certificate

Level 1 - Basic

Learn to teach students how to create anything from games, stories and animations. 

Level 2 - Intermediate

Learn to teach students basic computer functions from powering on to launching and using a range of applications.

Level 3 - Advanced

Learn to teach using admin tools from quizzes, presentations and recording data from students. 

Be part of a community

Learning is always best done in team, We encourage you to make the most of this program by

Attending all the workshops

Completing all online courses

Putting into practice in your own classroom

Sharing your journey and experiences with your coach and fellow teachers

Ready to teach?

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